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Process 2 tons steam boiler heat recovery method
In the steam boiler blowdown process of waste heat from the steam boiler, the general way of recycling is domestic sewage is collected by a drainage expander and then super-popular decompression, rapid formation of secondary steam, and then use the heat generated by the secondary steam for heating water.
But there are three problems with this recycling approach. First, eventually exhaust steam boiler sewage still carries a lot of energy, not the use of reasonable: second, gas steam boiler combustion intensity difference, differential pressure, as long as the condensate a slightly higher temperature, feed water pump will generate vaporization, not the normal work of the tender; Third, to maintain normal production, it takes a lot of running water and fuel.
In order to solve the traditional steam boiler recycling method, the following two ways can be adopted. The first is from the air preheater. Using superconducting heat pipe as the main heat transfer element, the heat transfer efficiency can be more than 98%, which is much higher than the ordinary heat exchanger. The air preheater is exquisitely designed, with a small footprint and only a third of the usual heat exchanger. At the same time, it can also effectively prevent the acid dew-point corrosion of the heat exchanger and improve the life of the equipment.

The second is from a hybrid water recovery device. To seal, pressure of high temperature mixed water recycling equipment, can be directly to the part of the flash with high enthalpy and the high temperature condensate, mixed with high-temperature soda directly recycling formation pressure into the boiler to produce steam, steam, to produce steam closed-circuit circulation system and improve the effective utilization rate of hot steam. It also reduces the consumption of electricity and salt, reduces the load of the boiler and saves a lot of soft water.