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What are the problems in the running of a ton of gas boilers?
In the steam boiler low temperature heating surface of low temperature corrosion mainly include such points: chemical corrosion (such as sulfuric acid ACTS on metal), also have electrochemical corrosion and metal) after (such as water vapor condensation. These two kinds of corrosion occur at the surface of the wall where the temperature is below the dew point. The soot that evaporates on the hot surface can sometimes accelerate corrosion.
The reasons for the slow exhaust are: the outlet filter is blocked; The length of the pipe is too small or the line is too long; The filter on the entrance is blocked; The reverse valve will not open. The solution to this problem is to replace the outlet filter, replace the larger section, or shorten the distance of the line. Clean up the filter and install an air filter at the entrance. Check the spring of the reverse valve.
In addition, the steam boiler is also prone to the damage of steam and water pipes: when the pipe is slightly leaking, it makes a noise, moisture or leakage of moisture and water. When the pipe is blasting, a striking sound is made and the steam and water are expelled. The change of steam or feed water is abnormal, the blasting site is in front of the flowmeter, and the flow rate decreases. After the flowmeter, the flow increases. Steam pressure or water pressure is down. When blasting the jellyfish, the water level drops.
The main reason for these phenomena is that the steam pipeline overtemperature runs, the creep exceeds the standard or the running time, the metal strength decreases. The steam pipe is not sufficiently warm to produce a severe water shock. Poor quality of water supply causes corrosion of pipe wall. The area of the water supply pipe is washed away and the wall of the pipe is reduced. The water supply system runs abnormal, the pressure fluctuates too much, the water shocks or vibrates. Installation, manufacturing, material and welding. Solution is: if the water supply pipeline leak slightly, can maintain the boiler feed water, and does not quickly expanding failure, can maintain a short running, put into standby boiler as soon as possible, if the fault is deepening, direct threat to the personal or safety equipment, should be stopped.

If the water supply pipe is blasting, it should be tried to solve the fault line and the system as soon as possible, and when the water level is not maintained, the furnace should also be stopped. If the steam leak is slight, it will not be expanded quickly, it will be able to keep running for a short time, and then it will be put into the spare boiler as soon as possible. If the fault is aggravated, the fire should be stopped if the person or equipment is safe.