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This paper introduces the method of effective maintenance of 6 tons hot water boilers
Need to stop because of boiler failure or outage boiler furnace, steam boiler stop should stop before the boiler combustion, slowly until the lower the temperature of the boiler is up to no pressure boiler, boiler stop before to turn off the water pump, fan and induced draft fan.
锅炉停炉后的维护颐养,分为炉体外部和锅内的防腐颐养。锅内的防腐颐养,依据停炉时间的长短选择干法颐养和湿法颐养两种。在锅炉长期停用时,应非常留意炉体外部的防腐颐养问题。首先在锅炉停炉冷却后,必需尽量彻底肃清受热面的积灰和炉排上部、炉体下部的灰渣。然后要坚持烟道有一定的自然通风。普通状况下,为了防潮应在炉膛、烟道中放置枯燥剂。After the boiler is stopped, the maintenance of the summer is divided into the outside of the furnace and the inside of the pot. The inside of the pot is embalmed, according to the length of the pit stop time and the way of the summer and wet summer. When the boiler is discontinued for a long time, it is important to keep an eye on the embalming problem of the outside of the furnace. First, after the boiler is cooled, it is necessary to completely clean up the ashes of the heating surface and the top of the grate and the ashes of the lower part of the furnace. Then stick to the flue and have certain natural ventilation. In normal condition, to prevent the moisture from the furnace, the flue should be placed in the fire. If lime is used as a dry agent, it should be placed at about 3kg per cubic meter of furnace or flue. When placed, close all ventilation doors tightly. The powdered lime should be changed.
If the boiler room is low, and the air tide is severe during the stop furnace, it should be used in the method of baking and placing the dry agent. If boiler time is very long, after thorough purging ash, the surface of the furnace metal surface is coated with red Dan oil or other anticorrosion paint.
As to the preservation of the furnace inside the furnace, it is determined by the length of the stop furnace. In ordinary condition, stop furnace is not exceed a month of usable wet law to be raised, more than a month should adopt dry law to be taken care of.
When you do the work, you should pay attention to the following questions: the dry agent should not be directly exposed to the metal surface of the boiler, but it can be installed in the iron tray and other containers. After the boring agent is placed, the valve must be cut off for the hole and other holes. The powdered lime should be changed in time.