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Solve the problem of heating surface of 6 tons of hot water boiler
The fly ash that enters the tail flue is because of the low temperature, it has certain hardness, so as the exhaust gas primary heating plane pipe, it will wear effect to the wall of the pipe. Especially the economizer, import the smoke temperature has fallen to about 450 ° C, ashes is hard, and using small diameter thin-walled carbon steel tube, are more susceptible to damage of wear and tear. And wear is one of the reasons that the coal burner has a higher proportion of the boiler's four pipe blasting accidents.
The flue gas that contains the hard particle fly ash is relative to the flow of the wall of the pipe, and the damage to the wall of the tube is called the impact wear, also called erosion. erosion
There are two basic types of erosion wear and impact wear. The microscopic appearance of two worn metal loss processes is not exactly the same.
The erosion of the ash is smaller and even close to parallel than the surface of the surface of the ash. Soot particle separation to make it on the surface of the perpendicular to the pipe wall wedging the shock tube wall, and ashes and wall surface tangent component makes ashes sliding along the wall surface, synthetic results of two separate ACTS as a cutting on the surface of a wall.

If the wall is not able to withstand the force of the cutting, the metal particles are lost from the matrix. The surface of the tube wall will wear out after a large amount of the long and repetitive removal of the ash.